Overall Crime Down in Chicago Despite Increased Gun Violence

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Violent Crime

crime down in Chicago, Chicago Area Criminal Defense AttorneysPolice departments across the United States faced a large amount of criticism in 2015. America’s trust in our police forces was tested time and time again, thanks to the year’s many viral videos depicting police brutality, high profile cases, and questionable police department secrecy. Fortunately for the Chicago Police Department, things may be looking up in 2016.

A report recently released by the department shows that despite an increase in gun violence and gun related crime, overall crime in the city dropped for the fourth consecutive year. For a city that experienced the most homicides of any city in the United States in 2015, a drop in overall crime is very good news.

According to the department’s report, overall crime in the city dropped 6 percent from 2014. The report notes that robberies, assaults, burglaries, rapes, and thefts dropped significantly. Additionally, the report notes that violent crime fell substantially as well. In fact, the amount of violent crime that took place in Chicago in 2015 is the lowest the city has seen since the 1960’s. Since 2011, overall crime in Chicago has dropped 37 percent.

Despite the good news, Chicago police still face many major challenges. Gun violence and murder rates were both much higher than 2014’s numbers. Both non-fatal shootings and murders were up 11 percent from 2014—416 murders took place in Chicago in 2014 and 468 took place in 2015.

In the report, the department says it plans to focus on “the small subset of individuals involved in organized crime and gang activity” in the coming year in hopes of lowering the amount of gun related crime. City authorities seized nearly 7,000 illegal guns in 2015, an average of a gun each hour and a half.

While the city’s rates of gun related violence and murder have garnered national attention, the Brennan Center for Justice reports that nationwide crime statistics are similar to Chicago’s. In America’s 25 largest cities, homicide increased by 11 percent, while overall crime dipped by 1.5 percent. Violent crime is up everywhere, their data shows, including cities like Los Angeles, where violent crime is up 20 percent, and Baltimore, which saw 54 homicides per 100,000 residents in 2015.

The Chicago Police Department’s report also details their plans to re-establish trust between themselves and the citizens they are sworn to protect. “In addition to building upon our public safety accomplishments, our focus for 2016 will be to restore the trust of the people of Chicago by being more transparent and continuing to work... to take a critical look at our tour department to develop best-in-class policies and practices,” said Chicago’s Interim Police Superintendent. Plans include training officers on handling situations using minimal force, and expanded skill building with items like tasers and police body cameras. In an effort to be more transparent, the superintendent also said officers could be punished if their dashboard cameras are not in working order, and the department plans to expand their use of body cameras as well.

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