Another Deadly Weekend Raises Concerns over Chicago Violent Crime

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violent crime, chicago crime, Chicago Criminal Defense LawyerIn a period of about 15 hours, beginning this past Monday night, 14 people were shot in the Chicago area, including six who were killed. The shootings come on the heels of two consecutive weekends in which more than 50 people were shot in the Windy City. More than 40 were shot during each of four consecutive weekends in August, as well. The rash of violent crime has not gone unnoticed by city officials, who are insistent that it is time to take action to get the violence back under control.

Sobering Statistics

According to Chicago Tribune estimates, some 2,300 shootings have been reported in the city of Chicago this year, up by nearly 400 from the same time last year. The number of homicides, through Sunday, stood at 359, a 21 percent jump from 2014, Chicago police data indicates. The problem, it seems, is not limited to Chicago, as homicides are on the rise in in major cities across the country, including Saint Louis, which is up 60 percent, Baltimore, up 56 percent, and a staggering 76 percent in Milwaukee. While the issue seem magnified when contrasted with last year’s near-record low homicide rates, there is little question that concern is certainly warranted.

Officials’ Reactions

United States Attorney Zachary Fardon weighed in on some of the factors that may be contributing to the increase in violent crime, including gang-related activity. There are currently more than 600 gang-type groups in the city, and they are focusing on children. “What they see in some parts of the city, as early as the first or second grade, are gangs and gang factions as a social network and ostensible path to self-identity and success,” Fardon observed. “Then, we have lost the war before the battle has begun.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, for his part, believes “enough is enough,” and expressed his anger over the situation. “Wherever you live,” he said, “you should be able to get out of your car and go to your home.” Regardless of the particular neighborhoods in which the violence is occurring, the whole city is suffering, Emanuel pointed out. He reiterated his claim that it is time for the criminal system and gun laws to reflect the values of the people who call the city home.

Legal Help for Violent Crime Charges

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