Do Federal Prosecutors Have to Prove My Guilt Beyond Reasonable Doubt? 

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chicago-federal-crimes-lawyer.jpgFacing federal criminal charges of any kind in Chicago can be a frightening and confusing experience, especially because federal laws can be so complex and federal prosecutors can be so aggressive. You may rightfully feel as though you cannot trust any promises or guarantees you get regarding bargains or plea deals and even wonder whether the state has a strong case against you to begin with. If you or someone you love has been charged with a federal criminal case, you may be wondering what evidence the state has against you and how much evidence they need to prove you are guilty. Before you make any deals with a prosecutor, make sure you completely understand your options and have help from an experienced, assertive criminal defense attorney. 

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Federal criminal cases require prosecutors to prove a defendant’s guilt “beyond reasonable doubt.” This means that defendants do not have to prove they are innocent - rather, the government must prove to the jury that the defendant is guilty with evidence that is so clear that there is no reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. 

While the prosecution will try to convince the jury that the evidence allows for no other explanation besides the defendant’s guilt, the defendant’s attorney plays a crucial role in convincing the jury otherwise. A defense attorney will speak to the defendant at great length, investigate the case, examine all the evidence, negotiate with the prosecutors, and create a convincing argument in the courtroom. Defense attorneys can cross-examine witnesses, bring expert witnesses of their own, and provide defendants with a realistic idea of their options throughout the case. 

After hearing all the evidence and each side’s arguments, the jury is responsible for fairly evaluating the evidence and applying a reasonable judgment as to a defendant’s guilt. If a defense attorney believes the prosecutor or judge presiding over a case gave the jury bad instructions about what reasonable doubt entails, the attorney may object and later appeal the case in an appeals court. 

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Federal charges carry serious consequences that can affect your life forever. For help building the best defense case possible, contact the experienced Chicago federal crimes criminal defense attorney with the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney. We have a hard-earned reputation for being an outstanding criminal defense attorney in high-profile cases and are available 24/7 for consultations, jail visits, and bond hearings. Call our office now at 312-629-0669 to learn more. 


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