How Much Does a DUI Cost in Illinois?

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Criminal Defense

DUI cost in Illinois, Chicago Criminal Defense AttorneyThe state of Illinois is cracking down on driving under the influence, and for good reason. Nearly 40,000 people are arrested annually in the state for driving while intoxicated, and around 300 people are killed each year in alcohol related driving incidents.

Before drinking and driving, drivers should be aware of the many consequences they could face. Most importantly, drivers could potentially harm themselves or harm others. Moreover, being arrested for a DUI is extremely expensive. Legal fees, fines, and higher insurance rates all make getting a DUI potentially crippling financially. Therefore, it is important to consider the following breakdown of the estimated costs of being arrested for a DUI in Illinois.

Hiring an Attorney/Legal Fees — It is estimated that hiring a DUI attorney costs at least $1,500. Depending on the extent of the charges, however, legal fees could be much higher. Spending thousands of dollars on a DUI attorney is not uncommon.

Court Costs — There are a variety of court costs and fees associated with getting a DUI. If convicted, first time DUI offenders are hit with a fine of up to $2,500 in Illinois. Offenders should expect other court costs as well, including a mandatory donation to a trauma center fund, and the cost of retrieving an impounded car. In total, court costs are estimated to be $3,600.

Raised Insurance Rates — If convicted, drivers are required to purchase high risk auto insurance. This expensive insurance, required for three years after being convicted, costs around $1,500 per year and totals somewhere around $4,500.

BAIID — Drivers wishing to get their license reinstated after a DUI will likely be required to install BAIID, an ignition interlock device that drivers breath into each time they start their car. The car will only start if the driver is sober. BAIID has an installation fee of $100, and monthly costs and monitoring fees. In total, it is estimated that BAIID will cost first time DUI offenders nearly $1,500.

Income Loss — Dealing with a DUI takes time. Many people miss weeks of work for jail time, community service, or while fighting their DUI charges. Depending on your income, missing work could mean losing thousands of dollars, or more. For a person with an average yearly income of $55,000, a month of DUI trouble could cost nearly $5,000. On top of that, potential future employers may choose not to hire someone with a DUI on their record.

License Reinstatement — A driver wishing to get his or her driver’s license reinstated post DUI should expect somewhere around $500 dollars in fees.

Other Possible Costs — The costs above are typical for a first time DUI involving no physical harm or damage to the driver or others. It is estimated that costs for medical treatments for either the driver or potential victims, including possible fatalities, is upwards of $100,000. Other fees include higher legal costs if fighting DUI charges, compensation to any victims, and possible required substance abuse programs.

When all is said and done, Illinois officials estimate a first time DUI involving no victims to cost around $16,000. Of course, the costs skyrocket if another person was harmed or killed, or if the offender has already received multiple DUIs. The best and financially smartest option is simply calling a cab.

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