The Facts and Myths of Sex Crimes

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Sex Crimes

Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Cook County defense lawyerSex crimes are horrific in nature and can cost the person committing the crime and the person affected by the crime severe consequences. What many people do not know about sex crimes is that there are many myths attached. No incident of a sex crime is the same, and each person who commits this crime has a different mindset and way of committing the act. However, being charged with a sex crime is serious and may come with unwanted consequences.

What to Know about Sex Crimes

There is a huge misconception that most or all sex crimes are committed by strangers. While this may be true in some incidents, most sex crimes are committed by a family member, friend, significant other, spouse, or other trusted individual. Although most males are held accountable for sex crimes, females have also been responsible for these types of crimes. Even though there may be some children who have been sexually assaulted will grow up to sexually assault others, the majority of offenders were not sexually assaulted at a young age.

Most sexual offenses are committed by adults; however, there have been many incidents where adolescents have committed sexual offenses.

Another huge myth includes the idea that sexual offenders spontaneously attack when they see a vulnerable target. This may sometimes be true, but, most of the time, sexual offenders will spend time creating a level of authority and trust over his or her chosen target, and this time will be spent “grooming” the target for sexual relations.

Many people believe that sex crimes are often reported and the person who commits the offense will be charged. Unfortunately, on the contrary to common belief, the majority of sex crimes are not reported. If a sexual crime is not reported, then the crime itself cannot be prosecuted.

Call a Chicago Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Sex crimes are very serious, and committing the crime can cost you future employment opportunities, connections with your family, relationships with your loved ones, and your overall quality of life. If you or someone you know has been accused of any type of sex crimes, you can count on the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney to provide effective legal representation, as our experienced Illinois criminal defense attorneys have represented Chicago and Cook County area clients for over 28 years in sexual assault and sexual violence matters. For a free initial consultation, please call 312-629-0669 to discuss your case.


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