Federal Crimes That You Might Not Know Can Be Committed Online

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Chicago federal criminal defense attorneyMany people are entirely unaware of the vast number of crimes that can be committed online. Even more shocking to learn is that many crimes committed via the internet can reach the level of being a federal crime. There is often an incorrect notion that just because a crime is committed online does not make it as serious. This could not be further from the truth. Cybercrime is serious and must be treated as such. 

 Today, we will look at examples of some of the more shocking federal crimes that can be committed on the internet. First, it must be noted that if you are charged with an internet crime, your best bet for an outcome in your favor is hiring a highly experienced internet crimes attorney. Experience is essential when selecting an attorney, particularly for internet crimes.

 What Federal Crimes Can Be Committed Over the Internet?

People charged with internet crimes are often shocked to learn they are being charged federally instead of at the state level. This is because when someone is on a computer doing something illegal, you are very likely reaching over into another state or are engaged in interstate commerce. As a result, the charges may be escalated and placed into federal jurisdiction. Federal crimes that are frequently committed online include but are not limited to:

  • Drug trafficking – Drugs and other illegal substances are available all over the internet, particularly on the dark web. Instead of meeting with a drug dealer in person, many people prefer to order their drugs online and then get them shipped to their front door. This constitutes a federal internet crime.
  • Homicide – You may be surprised to learn that murder-for-hire schemes are often concocted on the internet. Conspiracy to commit a homicide is a serious crime in and of itself. 
  • Weapons trafficking – Similar to how narcotics are widely distributed online, and so are weapons. 
  • Prostitution – While it is true that prostitution takes place in person, arrangements for such encounters—also known as solicitation—are frequently made online. 

Being charged with a federal crime puts you in significant legal jeopardy. Punishments may include decades in prison and hefty fines. Do not underestimate the seriousness of cybercrimes. 

Contact a Chicago Internet Crimes Attorney

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