Federal Officials Charge 22 in North Dakota with Conspiracy to Sell Heroin

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Drug problems tend to publicized and better known in large cities across the U.S. and throughout the world. Everywhere, though, has problems with illegal drugs, including Fargo, North Dakota.

Other drugs, along with heroin, were transported to Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota from around the country where they were prepared to be sold. Twenty two people were charged with conspiracy to sell heroin and other drugs in early July.

The charges began in March when the first indictment of the investigation, nicknamed “Operation Winter’s End,” was filed.

Williston, N.D. is the quickest growing metro area in the country, located in the northwestern corner of the state, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Unfortunately, organized crime and other illegal activities, such as drug activities, are also increasing as the population does, reported law enforcement from the area.

The law enforcement officials from the area and from the federal level are cracking down quickly on the recent outbreak of illegal activity before it becomes a larger problem, however. Police efforts have increased in the oil country and FBI agents have been posted in Minot and Bismarck, along with a Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco and Firearms agent, also in Bismarck.

It was also reported by authorities that the heroin sales have increased in North Dakota as a cheaper and more easily available alternative to prescription painkillers. Although this is a fairly new issue in North Dakota, that is not the case in many other parts of the country, which have had drug problems for years.

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