Governor Signs Concealed Carry Cleanup Bill

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concealed carry, weapons charges, Illinois Weapons Charges LawyerLong known throughout the country for its strict gun control laws, the state of Illinois seems poised to become immersed in debate again as recent legislation has reignited public interest regarding firearms and the concealed carry statutes. Many around the state expect a new wave of political discussion as the state legislature, along with Governor Bruce Rauner, recently approved the first changes to the concealed carry law since it was hurriedly passed more than two years ago. While the new law makes few substantial changes, it may signal the beginning of a new chapter in the ongoing public safety conversation on the effectiveness and application of gun laws.

This spring, nearly 140 weapons-related bills were introduced before the Illinois General Assembly, most of them aimed at easing strict gun control provisions in the law. The flood of proposed bills follows a rather quiet period in which both sides of the gun debate agreed to refrain from seeking changes to the concealed carry law for at least a year after its passage. With that period now in the rearview mirror, advocates for looser gun laws and proponents of heavier restrictions have renewed their efforts to balance constitutional freedoms and public best interest.

The law passed this summer was primarily aimed at cleaning up a few technical details of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act passed back in 2013. Among its changes are provisions for appealing a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card denial on the basis of minor developmental disabilities. It also clarifies a gun carrier’s duty to inform law enforcement that he or she is currently in possession of a legal firearm, allowing a carrier to show his or her concealed carry permit rather than requiring a verbal statement.

Although not addressed in the most recently passed law, many believe that the next rounds of gun debate will focus on where and when a loaded weapon can be legally carried. The current law lists more than two dozen types of establishments in which concealed carrying is illegal, including government buildings, schools, zoos, bars, and casinos. A significant number of the bills proposed this year have sought to reduce that number, so far without success. Without question, the 2016 legislative session promises to be a very interesting one, especially as it pertains to Illinois gun control laws.

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