Where Does Heroin in Illinois Come From?

 Posted on August 15, 2016 in Drug Crimes

Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Chicago drug crimes attorney,Heroin, an extremely addictive opiate drug, has long plagued Illinois. Heroin can devastate lives and even communities, leading many to label the widespread heroin problem as an epidemic. The drug affects people from all walks of life, from already at-risk drug users to individuals recovering from surgery who find themselves addicted but out of pain medication and looking for an alternative. Where is the heroin circulating around Illinois coming from? Law enforcement officials say the state’s supply of heroin comes from two places: Mexico and South America. Two Sources Heroin is most commonly available in two different forms. There is the white or brownish powder, known as white powder, and a black, sticky substance known as black tar. The drug is often diluted using other drugs or starch, sugar, or powdered milk. Users can smoke, snort, or inject the highly addictive substance which provides a sense of euphoria. Illinois is affected by both forms of the drug. Chicago is one of the most profitable markets for white powder heroin, while nearby St. Louis has a large demand for both the black tar and white powder forms. Officials say that because there is demand for both types of heroin, traffickers are moving the product up from both Mexico and South America. “Much of the heroin supply to the U.S. comes from Mexico, but most of the heroin that goes to the eastern portion of the country and to Chicago, comes from South America,” says one Illinois drug enforcement specialist. Drug enforcement officials say that today’s drug traffickers are business-minded, and are constantly seeking out new ways to provide users with their product. Chicago and St. Louis are both large distribution hubs, where the heroin is delivered, divided, and then spread out. Arrests Versus Education While law enforcement officials say they plan to continue thwarting attempts to deliver and distribute heroin and other drugs to Illinois residents, officials say further education is also needed to help combat the heroin epidemic, as well as treatment options for addicts opposed to jail time. “We cannot arrest our way out of this situation,” says one drug task force member. Further education is needed, specialists say, to help inform the public of the reality of the problem. Everyone is vulnerable, and thanks to highly addictive pain medication often prescribed after a surgery or injury, many individuals with no past drug use find themselves seeking heroin. While arresting heroin users may get them off the street for the time being, treatment is needed to help addicts combat their addiction and move forward free from heroin. Heroin Charges?

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