Which Illinois Cities Had the Highest DUI Arrest Rates in 2015?

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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois DUI attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer,Although Illinois authorities are cracking down on DUIs throughout the state, new survey data shows that some cities in Illinois may be tougher than others when it comes to drunk driving. A survey released annually by a citizen group known as the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists shows which communities in Illinois had the highest number of DUI arrests each year. The findings for 2015 were recently released as well as a top ten list of cities in Illinois with the most DUI arrests last year. What city came in first and where does your city land on the list?

High DUI Arrest Rates

According to the survey’s findings, the top honors for arrests made in 2015 for DUIs went to two cities - Carol Stream and Rockford. Both communities totaled 464 DUI arrests last year. Decatur, the city in first place in 2014, came in second this past year with a total of 405 arrests. Springfield followed in third with 385 arrests, and Naperville, a community that has a tradition of landing in the top ten each year, finished 2015 in fourth place with 369 arrests.

  1. Carol Stream and Rockford (tie) - 464 arrests each;
  2. Decatur - 405 arrests;
  3. Springfield - 385 arrests;
  4. Naperville - 369 arrests;
  5. Peoria - 309 arrests;
  6. Normal - 306 arrests;
  7. Cicero - 300 arrests;
  8. Elgin - 271 arrests;
  9. Aurora - 253 arrests; and
  10. Fairview Heights - 231 arrests.

Chicago is noticeably missing from the list. The major metropolis was not included in this survey due to it’s significantly larger size when compared to other Illinois cities. Chicago DUI arrests did decrease from 2014 to 2015, however, but only by 0.2 percent. Naperville, however, saw a larger decrease of five percent and cite officers prioritizing DUI enforcement as the reason. A spokesperson for the Naperville Police Department said that the community’s officers are working around the clock to keep roadways safe. He reminded people that drinking and driving is an "inexcusable crime" and that it will continue to remain one the department's priorities. Peoria saw a massive increase in DUI arrests compared to 2014. The city placed fifth on this year’s list with 309 arrests, a major jump up from the 168 arrests made there in 2014.

In terms of arrests per officer, Carol Stream came in first with 7.61 arrests per officer. Naperville authorities had an arrest rate of 2.2 per officer and Elgin, with 271 arrests in 2015, had a rate of 1.5 per officer.

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