Illinois Police Cracking down on DUIs

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in DUI

Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Illinois DUI attorney,Illinois police statewide say they are doing everything they can to crack down on intoxicated drivers. According to the Illinois State Police, twenty five people have already been killed due to drunk drivers in the state of Illinois in 2016, and efforts are being taken to prevent further deaths. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be avoided at all costs, and those with DUI or DWI charges face serious, life changing consequences.

Reviving an Old Tactic

In District 16, police are reviving an old tactic in hopes of keeping drunk drivers on the road. We already know that a DUI can be a major financial burden, lead to loss of driving privileges, community service, and jail time, but now, a DUI conviction could cost you your reputation as well. District 16 officials has begun releasing a monthly list of all DUI offenders. Authorities in the district say it is a low cost method that may very well prevent intoxicated individuals from getting behind the wheel. “If that is something we can do that does not cost the State Police or the taxpayers any money, that might just keep one more person from making that bad decision, then it’s worth it,” says Illinois State Police Lieutenant Carl Heintz. If fines, jail time, and skyrocketed insurance rates were not enough to prevent DUIs, authorities are hoping potential embarrassment might do the trick.

Additional Funding

On top of new tactics, Illinois is one of four states nationwide that recently received grant money aimed at DUI prevention. The Illinois Department of Transportation received $20,000 in federal grant funding, with plans to hold classes to help law enforcement officials across the state better identify drunk or high drivers. The State Police Lieutenant says the additional funding will help authorities keep the public safe from impaired drivers. “This is a selfish, avoidable behavior which, far too often, ends in tragedy.”

Serious Consequences

If you have been charged with a DUI in Illinois, you need the help of a qualified Chicago DUI defense attorney. Even if this is your first charge, the potential consequences of being convicted are serious. A first time offense classified as a Class A misdemeanor could result in up to a year of imprisonment, fines of $2,00 or more, and loss of driving ability. Further offenses, or offenses involving children, significantly high blood alcohol contents, or other special circumstances such as bodily harm caused from drunk driving can result in felony charges, with penalties including substantial prison sentences, lofty fines, and long term loss of driving privileges.

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