Internet Fraud Crimes and Consequences for Offenders

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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal law, Illinois criminal lawyer,Although internet fraud crimes may be common, they are never trivial for the person facing charges. While it is true that a majority of internet fraud offenses happen every day, the consequences of committing such crimes are far-reaching and often life changing for the offender. A criminal investigation can be a drawn-out and invasive process, with long-lasting negative effects on the offender’s record and their reputation. These federal white collar crimes are a double-edged sword: They hurt the victim and the offender, causing a series of trouble for everyone involved.

Common Internet Fraud Crimes

There are a number of internet-related fraudulent activities that result in criminal charges, but the FBI reports there are certain categories of fraud that rank among the most damaging and the most consistent across the nation. Some of the most common forms of internet fraud we see wreaking havoc on our personal and corporate identities include the following:

Compromised Email Accounts

General e-mail account compromise (EAC) and business e-mail account compromise (BEC) are both equally harmful to the general public, business owners, and the professionals associated with them. These types of fraud involve conducting unauthorized transfers of funds by accessing private email accounts via social engineering or various computer intrusion techniques.

Phishing and Spoofing

These funny terms are used to describe two of the most common methods of internet fraud, and they both present serious danger for the victim. Phishing is the act of sending false emails to businesses or individuals that deliberately deceive in order to convince unsuspecting victims to divulge sensitive,personal financial information. Spoofing is typically used in conjunction with phishing activities to further manipulate the victim and refers to the forging of emails to make them appear as if they are from a particular source.

Sensitive Data Leaks

Unauthorized individuals who breach protected, confidential data in order to copy, transmit, view, or steal the data are committing a serious act of internet fraud. Sensitive personal and corporate information, when leaked and placed in the wrong hands, is at great risk for damage. Data breaches are often a result of computer hacking crimes and the creation and distribution of computer viruses.

Possible Penalties

According to the United States Department of Justice, many internet fraud crimes are federal offenses and felonies. They result in everything from imprisonment terms ranging from 15 to 30 years and fines to criminal forfeiture of any personal property that was used or was intended to be used to commit the offense. Fraud crimes have the potential to significantly mar your record and alter the course of your future. If you have been placed under investigation for any internet-related offense, speak with a skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney who has the knowledge and necessary qualifications to represent your rights in a court of law. Call the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney at 312-629-0669 today for a personal consultation.

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