What Is a Job Offer Scam?

 Posted on March 28, 2018 in Fraud

Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal justice system, Illinois criminal lawyer,After the beginning of the New Year, many employers are starting to hire new employees to help their companies grow. For everyone who is looking for a new job, it is very important to take extra precaution when applying online, since there are many internet crimes that are disguised as job offers. Internet crimes are a very serious offense which can cause undesirable consequences against the person who is accused of the crime.

The Characteristics of a Job Offer Scam

At first glance, the person affected may have a difficult experience in determining whether a suspicious job offer is legitimate or a scam. Many characteristics of a job offer scam include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • The job offer is too good to be true;
  • Vague job requirements and job description;
  • Unprofessional emails;
  • Online interviews via instant messenger or other means of social media;
  • Emails with no contact information;
  • Emails from a personal account;
  • Poor search results for the company where the job offer is coming from;
  • Being asked to provide sensitive information;
  • The company offering to send money or other assets;
  • The company wanting personal account information to transfer money; and
  • The company asking the person receiving the job offer to pay for a good or service.

If the job offer seems too good to be true, then the company probably contacted the person receiving the job offer first, claiming that they had found the person’s resume online, when his or her resume may not have been online. Another indicator is when the company states that the pay is really good for performing basic tasks, such as administrative support.

Another indicator of the job offer being too good to be true includes a quick interview on instant messenger, with the company offering the job within 24 hours.

Most job offer scams include emails that are poorly written, often including many grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and capitalization mistakes.

The biggest indicator of a job offer scam is when the company making the offer asks the person affected for his or her confidential information, including social security number and banking information, potentially resulting in identity theft or other serious internet crimes.

Call a Chicago Internet Crime Defense Lawyer

Internet crimes are very serious in nature and can cost you future employment opportunities. If you have been accused of committing an internet crime, you need effective legal representation. At the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, we have represented our clients in federal criminal cases for over 28 years, so you will be guaranteed seasoned legal advice. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call a Chicago criminal defense attorney at 312-629-0669 to discuss your case.  


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