Cook County Police Crackdown on Prostitution

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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Cook County defense lawyerCook County police recently arrested 79 “johns,” individuals looking to purchase sex, as part of a nationwide effort to combat prostitution. The johns were arrested in stings set up across the county. One sting, in Matteson late January, led to seven arrests, and involved a female police officer going undercover at a hotel. Another recent sting in Lansing netted 13 arrests. These stings are part of a larger, continuous effort from the Cook County Sheriff's Office in hopes of curbing prostitution, which often brings with it other illegal activity like drug use and violence. Stings are a common tactic used by Illinois authorities and tend to lead to many arrests. In 2015, 88 johns received citations for soliciting sex in the city of Matteson alone. Soliciting Sex on Superbowl Sunday Interestingly enough, these recent stings in Illinois were part of a larger, nationwide effort to curb prostitution surrounding the Super Bowl. Law enforcement officials say that Super Bowl Sunday and the days leading up to are a popular time for sex trafficking and prostitution, so the stings surrounding the game are especially important. In Santa Clara, California, for example, 30 johns were arrested on game day. Last year, Cook County authorities cracked down on johns during the period surrounding the Superbowl, and arrested almost 600 johns and others involved in prostitution. The Sheriff of Cook County says that while efforts are being made to stop prostitutes themselves and catch those involved in sex trafficking, johns are the primary focus of the recent stings. “It there were no johns, there would be no prostitution. It is not a victimless crime and johns need to be held responsible for their role in exacerbating the sex trade.” Serious Consequences for All Involved Johns caught attempting to purchase sex should expect consequences. The Matteson Police Chief says that his officers have the option of either arresting the john for a formal misdemeanor, or issuing a citation. While citations are certainly the preferable punishment, they still include a $500 fine, administrative fees of $500, and potential towing fines if the john was using a vehicle during their search for sex. Authorities say first time offenders and those who are compliant with the officers typically get issued a citation. Those facing charges related to prostitution or soliciting a prostitute should expect even harsher consequences including prison sentences and hefty fines. Cases involving minors and other special circumstances could include additional criminal charges as well.

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