How Does Pornography Affect Teens and Preteens?

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Sex Crimes

pornThe use and possession of pornography is a very serious sex crime that can cause many undesired consequences. Not only does pornography have a negative impact on the accused person, but anyone affected by the use of pornography can be negatively affected as well. If teens and preteens make the decision to view pornography, they may make decisions that can ruin their lives and perception of life overall.

How Many Teens and Preteens Are Watching Pornography?

Finding online pornography is very easy to do today. Over 40 million Americans have admitted to visiting porn sites each year, and this activity can adversely affect adults’ work, family, and social lives. Even though adults’ lives can be ruined by pornography, children and teens can be even more adversely affected.

There has been research indicating how online pornography can change the sexual attitudes of teens and preteens. In this study, this age group may likely view sexual activities as a physical function and may also objectify women.

Nearly 40 percent of teens and preteens will either deliberately watch pornography or accidentally happen upon the material. Males are more likely to seek out pornography than females, and the use of pornography often increases with age.

How Does Pornography Affect Sexual Attitudes in Teens and Preteens?

There is some uncertainty that access to online pornography may directly cause certain attitudes and behaviors toward sexual behavior. However, research has shown that the more often teens and preteens viewed porn, the more likely they would have a similar attitude to sexual activity as they would to eating and drinking. Their views on sexual activity are often that they do not have to have emotional feelings or affection for their sexual partners.

Depending on the type and explicitness of online pornography, viewers often think of women as sexual objects. If the material is more explicit, then the viewer will more likely view women this way.

Call a Chicago Sex Crime Defense Attorney

The possession of pornography can have a serious impact on teens and preteens, potentially leading them to make unhealthy life decisions. If you have been accused of possession of pornography, it is important to seek effective legal representation immediately. At the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, we understand your rights, and we will work to defend them. To schedule a free initial consultation with our Cook County sex crime defense lawyers, please call 312-629-0669 to discuss your case.



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