Sexual Assault Can Happen Anywhere

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sexual-assaultSexual assault, a long-time societal problem, can occur anywhere: at home, at work, on campus, in a public setting, and even in the military. Not only does sexual assault negatively impact the person affected, but also the person committing the assault. The person affected by sexual assault may suffer emotionally and physically, while the person committing the assault may face life-changing consequences.

Types of Sexual Assault and Violence

Sexual assault and violence comes in many forms, even though the emotional hardships and unwanted consequences still follow. Several types of sexual assault include, but are not limited to:

  • Forced intercourse;
  • Attempted rape;
  • Forcing the person affected to perform sexual acts, including oral sex or penetrating the offender’s body; and
  •  Fondling or sexual touching.

In most cases of sexual assault, the offender and the person affected know each other, which occurs in about seven out of 10 cases. However, there are other instances where the offender and the person affected do not know each other. There are several forms of this type of rape, such as:

  • Blitz sexual assault, where the person affected is brutally beaten in a public place and is then sexually assaulted;
  • Contact sexual assault, where the offender contacts the person affected and attempts to gain their trust by flirting and getting them into a situation where sexual assault will occur; and
  • Home invasion sexual assault, where the offender breaks into the affected person’s home and commits sexual assault.

Sexual Assault in the Military

In the military, sexual assault is more common than people may think. In 2014, over 20,000 military members were sexually assaulted. There were over 10,500 men and over 9,500 women who were sexually assaulted, and over seven percent of all junior enlisted women were also affected by sexual assault. During their time in the military, 76 percent of females and 57 percent of males have gone through sexual assault at least twice. In one of seven cases, a person in the chain of command will commit sexual assault on the person affected, and, in 90 percent of sexual assault cases in the military, the act was committed by a higher-ranking member who knew the person affected.

Contact a Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer

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