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Property crimes such as robbery and burglary have the power to drastically alter an offender’s life the moment they lead to criminal charges. Penalties for such crimes can range from serious fines and community service to lengthy prison time, all … Continue reading

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When discussing the subject of the various forms of theft, it is very common to hear the terms robbery and burglary used interchangeably. Many times, someone will say they were “robbed” when a thief broke into their home or vehicle … Continue reading

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Burglary of any kind is a serious crime with serious consequences facing those who get caught. When most of us picture a burglary, we think of someone in all black sneaking or breaking into a property in hopes of stealing … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered which crimes are the most prevalent in the state of Illinois? While gun violence and homicide rates have captured the media’s attention lately, new numbers released by the Illinois Department of Corrections may indicate which crimes … Continue reading

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