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Criminal law is constantly changing, especially with regard to the constitutional rights of criminal defendants. The U.S. Supreme Court can issue a decision that impacts the application of the law in Illinois and other states. When the law changes though, … Continue reading

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As of this summer, after Governor Pat Quinn signed new legislation, all Illinois Enforcement Agencies are prohibited from using ticket quotas to guide the issuance of traffic tickets and citations. Quinn’s statements when signing the bill demonstrate that he supports … Continue reading

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Driving under the influence does not always require the use of alcohol or an illegal drug. Under Illinois law, a person commits a crime whenever he or she drives “under the combined influence of alcohol, other drug or drugs, or … Continue reading

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Police often use confidential sources to get information in drug investigations. When a source identifies a suspect, police must still obtain a proper search warrant from a judge before acting upon the information. It is incumbent upon the officer to … Continue reading

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