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If you answer a knock at the door of your home, and a police officer or other law enforcement agent is on your front steps, do you know your rights? Over the years, we have seen many people expose themselves … Continue reading

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The laws regarding search and seizure of evidence can often be very confusing. It can be difficult for the average citizen to remember if law enforcement must obtain a warrant before searching a particular piece of property, such as a … Continue reading

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Criminal law is constantly changing, especially with regard to the constitutional rights of criminal defendants. The U.S. Supreme Court can issue a decision that impacts the application of the law in Illinois and other states. When the law changes though, … Continue reading

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Recently, a judge in the federal district court covering northern California and centered in San Francisco delivered a ruling that will reverberate around the nation’s legal community for some time on the topic of warrantless drug-related searches. While the decision … Continue reading

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