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It is normal to feel nervous before your appearance in court when you are facing criminal charges, especially if the case is being handled in federal court. It is important to prepare yourself for trial because judges will not take kindly … Continue reading

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The laws regarding search and seizure of evidence can often be very confusing. It can be difficult for the average citizen to remember if law enforcement must obtain a warrant before searching a particular piece of property, such as a … Continue reading

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Investigators are currently searching for the individuals responsible for a brutal attack inside a Manhattan eatery earlier this week. Two men were attacked at a Chelsea neighborhood barbecue restaurant in what many are considering a hate crime, apparently motivated by … Continue reading

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While often associated with similar-sounding and related property crimes, offenses pertaining to burglary in Illinois are handled as a separate classification under law. Television and movies have promulgated the image of a burglar as an individual who breaks into a … Continue reading

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