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Chicago federal crime attorney, Cook County federal crime attorney, Federal Crimes, mail and wire fraud, money schemeTechnology and ways to obtain money and products have revolutionized the world over the past several years. People purchase products from the Internet with the intention of enjoying them several days or weeks later once received in the mail. The transfer of money from one person to another has also been made easier as well.

However, with the use of technology and tracking devices, mail and wire fraud have become much more prevalent. Unfortunately, there have been far too many cases where mail and wire fraud have taken effect, and the consequences have always been far from desirable.

What is Mail Fraud?


Chicago federal crime attorney, Cook County sex crimes defense attorney, sex offender, sexual assault, sexual violenceCollege students are returning to their campuses and parties will soon begin. Unfortunately, where there are parties there are also instances of sexual assault and violence. However, these instances can easily be prevented by abiding by college rules and policies.

Sexual Assault Statistics

In Illinois, as many as 20 percent of female students and 6 percent of male students experience some type of sexual assault or violence while enrolled in college. Moreover, nearly one quarter of female students are affected by sexual assault and violence, and therefore need to turn to certain organizations for help to return to a better life.


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Chicago federal crime attorney, Cook County federal crime attorney, identity theft, social security number, Internet crimeThe Internet has become the main hub for most Americans who rely on its convenience for shopping, interacting with others, and even researching specific topics. While the Internet is deemed mostly safe, and its use is becoming more common, ways to access personal information have become easier.

Identity Theft and its Effect 

When a person uses another person’s information—one's name, address, social security number, banking information, etc.—to commit fraud or theft, then identity theft is committed. These people, commonly known as identity thieves, often gain access to personal information by the following methods:


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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Illinois criminal justice statutes,Bank fraud is a very serious crime that affects thousands of people, with the intention to allegedly benefit the culprit and take away from the victim, financially and emotionally. Bank fraud is very important to understand thoroughly so that one can avoid being the victim of this crime and to protect his or her banking information and quality of life.

Bank Fraud Defined

Bank fraud can come in three different forms:



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