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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal justice system, Illinois criminal lawyer,Over the past several years, the Internet has made a huge impact on society. Online shopping has been made possible, as there is more convenience from buying products from a laptop or phone. Since there has been more of a convenience with online shopping, retail fraud has been on the rise, and companies, especially those that are online, are trying to find ways to avoid fraud.

Retail Fraud and How It Affects Society

By the end of 2017, the main driving forces of fraud included international transactions and mobile wallets, which are considered to be examples of newer payment options. During the holiday season, fraudulent returns were the biggest concern of companies, as retail return fraud may cost companies at least $15 billion.


victims of cybercrime, Chicago Internet Crimes LawyerMost Americans rely on the web daily, and use it for work, play, and to stay connected with friends and family. These days, almost everyone in the U.S. has a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and modern technology is quickly spreading across the world. However, sometimes, the Internet can be a scary place.

While the World Wide Web provides many wonderful uses, there are some threats hidden in it’s dark corners. Cybercrime occurs every day, and unfortunately, the trend is continuing to rise. From theft to blackmail, to sharing obscene, illegal content, the Internet provides a forum for a variety of crimes to take place.

Did you know that women are especially prone to cybercrime? A study conducted in 2014 shows that women should take extra steps to protect themselves from the possibility of Internet crimes.



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