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Illionois defense attorney, Illinois federal crimes lawyer, Illinois criminal defense lawyerCivil asset forfeiture is a mechanism federal law enforcement officials use to seize the property and possessions of people they come into contact with if they believe that the property is involved in criminal activity.

Authorities justify using this mechanism because they argue that a person is not entitled to profits from criminal activity. In reality, this process is used in a much broader manner. In fact, civil asset forfeiture can be utilized even when no one is charged or convicted of a federal crime.

How Common Is Civil Asset Forfeiture?


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Chicago federal crime attorney, Cook County federal crime attorney, Federal Crimes, mail and wire fraud, money schemeTechnology and ways to obtain money and products have revolutionized the world over the past several years. People purchase products from the Internet with the intention of enjoying them several days or weeks later once received in the mail. The transfer of money from one person to another has also been made easier as well.

However, with the use of technology and tracking devices, mail and wire fraud have become much more prevalent. Unfortunately, there have been far too many cases where mail and wire fraud have taken effect, and the consequences have always been far from desirable.

What is Mail Fraud?


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Chicago federal crime attorney, Chicago Sex Crimes Lawyer, child pornography, child pornography charges, Cook County federal crimeChild pornography is a serious federal crime. Moreover, the use of child pornography can negatively impact all parties involved.

A child who is forced into this act is often left with depression as he or she grows older. The person who obtains child pornography can face serious consequences and even years in prison.

When does a Person Commit Child Pornography?


Illinois federal crimes attorney, Illinois fraud attorney, Illinois defense lawyer, Chances are, if you have been accused of a money laundering crime, you were already aware of the seriousness of the crime before the allegations were filed against you, as it is an activity that has existed for many years. It has been heavily prosecuted, with ramifications that are far-reaching, wielding power to impact countless individuals and organizations, depending on the severity of the offense. This is because money laundering is not a simple, petty crime; it consists of many complex layers and often has a chain-reaction effect that leaves trails of damages.

If you are being accused of laundering activity, here are some steps to take:

Determine Whether Your Activity Is Considered Money Laundering


Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Ilinois criminal statutesLike all kinds of fraud, identity theft crimes are costly for everyone involved. Some victims of identity theft may end up spending thousands of dollars and countless hours - often over the course of years - to restore their name and remove the damages that have tarnished their record. Offenders face serious criminal charges for such crimes, including prison time and significant monetary penalties, all of which have long-term consequences to the offender’s record and reputation.

Common ID Thefts

There are multiple forms of federal identity theft crimes, but the following three types of ID theft are especially common:

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