• "If it wasn't for Hal I would be in prison today." D.R.

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  • "I am a free man today. I owe my life to Hal." J.O., Class X Narcotics Client.

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Hal Garfinkel is retained as the defendant's lawyer in the Chicago high profile murder case of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez. Read more...
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attorney-client privilege, professional conduct, Illinois Criminal Defense AttorneyWhen you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you deserve the best possible representation from an attorney you can trust. The major concern for many, of course, is how to go about establishing that trust, especially if you have never needed legal counsel before. Before retaining a particular lawyer or law firm, you may speak with several, in an effort to determine your ability to work with that office and to ensure your respective goals and values are complementary. This process, however, can raise questions for individuals regarding confidentiality, as a potential defendant may share sensitive information in the course of no-obligation consultations with a number of potential candidates.

Rules of Conduct

In their practice, attorneys must adhere to certain professional and ethical standards. Such standards are typically drafted for use in the applicable jurisdictions, and failure to comply can result in serious sanctions against an attorney, up to and including potential disbarment. The accepted standards provide guidelines for much of an attorney’s practice including selecting cases, firm management, relationship with the court, and, of course, confidentiality. In Illinois, these regulations have been set forth in the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, which constitutes Article VIII of the Illinois Supreme Court Rules.



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