The FBI: Catching Those in Possession of Child Pornography

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Illionois defense attorney, Illinois federal crimes lawyer, Illinois criminal defense lawyerChild pornography charges or convictions are in the news on a constant basis. The FBI says that the large number of incidents of child pornography is attributable to the Internet, which has made this type of material more readily available. Technology has also made such a crime easier for law enforcement to investigate and prove a case against someone so accused. Many times there is a paper trail for this type of crime that the FBI is able to access. Child pornography charges often result in a conviction. Child pornography investigations are carried out in one of the Bureau’s 56 field offices by Child Exploitation Task Forces that integrate FBI resources with those of other law enforcement agencies, including those at the state and local levels. There are almost 400 law enforcement partner groups that engage in these task forces and are aided by FBI intelligence analysts, victim consultants, and subject matter authorities. Due to the nature of the Internet, many child pornography crimes involve people in other countries. The FBI’s legal attaché offices in more than 60 nations work with these countries on such investigations. Those accused of child pornography are of all backgrounds, and many do not have any sort of criminal history. These crimes often occur on the “dark web,” a place where their true identity can be hidden. Many times friends and family member have no idea that this person takes part in such activities. Those eventually charged with child pornography possession often never suspect that they are being watched by the FBI.

The FBI dedicates such resources because it perceives child pornography to be a huge problem. For example, Tor is an anonymous Internet network on the dark web. Just one website on Tor hosted 1.3 million images of minors being subjected to violent sexual abuse, according to the FBI. In addition, an FBI investigation of one website on Tor had about 200,000 registered users, and 100,000 people had used the website over the course of the 12 days studied.

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The FBI devotes substantial resources to the investigation of possible child pornography crimes. It also has a network of other agencies spanning the globe to help them accomplish the task of bringing charges against as many people possible.

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