What Type of Behaviors Can Make an Innocent Person Appear Guilty?

 Posted on March 30, 2023 in Federal Crimes

IL defense lawyerYou may be surprised and dismayed to learn that innocent people can sometimes be falsely accused of a crime. Numerous reasons exist as to how and why this happens. Regardless of why it happens, certain behaviors that, when exhibited by a person accused of a crime, can make an innocent person appear guilty. As a result, these behaviors can sometimes lead to arrests, charges, and even convictions, even if the person is not guilty. Today, we will discuss some behaviors that can make an innocent person guilty.

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Behaviors That Can Create the Appearance of Guilt

Here are some examples of behaviors that can make an innocent person appear guilty, including:

  • Acting suspiciously – When people are falsely accused of a crime, they may become nervous or anxious, making them appear shifty and suspicious. They may avoid eye contact, fidget, or act defensively when questioned. Unfortunately, these behaviors can make them look guilty, even if they have done nothing wrong.
  • Having no alibi – If a person is accused of a crime, having a solid alibi can go a long way toward proving their innocence. However, if they cannot provide a verifiable alibi, it can make them appear guilty.
  • Refusing to cooperate with law enforcement – If a person is falsely accused of a crime, they may hesitate to cooperate with law enforcement out of fear or mistrust. While it is prudent to say nothing to the police that may be later used against you, ensure you are respectful toward law enforcement and careful not to incriminate yourself. It is a best practice to retain legal counsel immediately if you are suspected of criminal conduct or have been accused of committing a crime. Conversing with the police can worsen your legal situation. And remember, anger may be associated with guilt, so refrain from angry outbursts or statements.
  • Having a criminal record – Unfortunately, people with a criminal record may be more likely to be falsely accused, and their record can make them look guilty. It is essential for people with a criminal record to be aware of this and take steps to protect themselves from false accusations.

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