What You Need to Know About Federal Arrests 

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Chicago, IL criminal defense attorneyFederal arrests are often the culmination of extensive investigations, some taking years. Federal agents invest countless hours in surveillance and meticulously sift through numerous documents to put together the evidence needed. Before executing an arrest, these agents typically obtain a warrant from a federal district judge in a federal district court. Unlike local arrests, federal arrests are not impromptu events. 

If you or someone you know is the subject of a federal arrest warrant, it signifies that the government has compiled substantial evidence and is now prepared to initiate formal prosecution. Consequently, it is imperative to treat a federal arrest warrant with utmost seriousness and contact an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney immediately. 

What Transpires During a Federal Arrest?

Before the arrest, the federal agents executing the arrest will have applied for and obtained an arrest warrant in a federal district court. The warrant will name the person who can be arrested, specify a place and time for the arrest, and list the crimes the person is accused of.

Typically, arrests related to federal crimes are made pursuant to warrants issued by federal magistrate judges. Once they have a warrant, the authorities executing the warrant will go to the arrestee’s home, business, or place of employment. They will then be arrested and taken to a federal detention center until they can see a judge, who will set bail.

It goes without saying that a federal arrest is a serious matter. If federal agents show up at your job or arrest you in public, it could have a significant impact on your personal and professional reputation. It may even result in the loss of your current employment and other economic consequences. Importantly, however, if you know you are under investigation and retain an attorney, you may be able to negotiate a surrender at a pre-determined time and place, avoiding the spectacle of a public arrest.

What Should You Do if You Are Arrested?

If you are the person arrested, keep the following three things in mind and follow them strictly:

  • Do not avoid or resist the arrest— doing so could lead to additional criminal charges

  • Do not say anything other than answer basic questions such as providing your name and date of birth— under the law, anything you say that incriminates yourself can be used against you in court

  • Immediately request to speak to a lawyer

The Importance of Seeking Competent Legal Representation

At this critical juncture, enlisting the services of an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney is crucial. They will begin preparations for the pre-trial stage of your case, including activities like plea bargaining (if applicable), scrutinizing discovery materials, filing pre-trial motions, and readying for the trial phase. This comprehensive approach ensures that your rights and interests are vigorously defended throughout the legal process.

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