Woman Turns in Son after Seeing Sexual Assault Surveillance Photos

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sexual assault, Chicago crime, Illinois criminal defense attorneyDoing the right thing can be very difficult, especially when doing so may come at some expense to a family member or loved one. Such was the dilemma facing a Chicago woman last week when she recognized her son in security photos released by the Chicago Transit Authority. The pictures were posted in an effort to identify the primary suspect in a violent sexual assault which occurred on a CTA Blue Line train last Monday.

Reports indicate that surveillance cameras on board the “L” car captured the whole incident. The suspect, who turned out to be a 15 year old middle school student, was reported to have been seen on the video violently attacking the female victim, punching, kicking and groping her while demanding cash. He eventually took money from her purse, stole her cell phone, and left the train, warning her to stay where she was and to keep quiet.

The teen’s mother became aware that her son may have been involved when she saw the photos made public by the CTA following the incident. She made the tough decision to confront her teenager, convincing him to turn himself into authorities. According to reports, the youth was connected to the scene via fingerprint identification and allegedly penned a handwritten confession. The Chicago Tribune and other news outlets have reported the teen is now being held on $1 million bail on felony charges of aggravated sexual assault and robbery.

Facing Criminal Charges?

Being charged with any type of criminal activity is extremely serious, even if the incident is not a high-profile case like the one described above. A conviction can result in severe fines, probation, and prison sentences, in addition to a criminal record that can follow an individual for years. Professional legal representation can help an individual charged with a crime to better understand the situation and make decisions that minimize the potential impact to his or her future.

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